Vektron going up stairs and mounting on car

Carmen Johnson

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I'm thinking about purchasing an elektron tern bike. Three questions:
1) Live on the second floor and 56 years old and so I'm wondering if I will be able to get the bike up the stairs.
2) Is there an easy way to mount bike on a car?
3) Can anyone direct me of known video demonstrating two questions above?

Thank you so very much.


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The tern site has a number of videos showing the folding and transport of the Vektron. Also check YouTube.
There is a video showing a guy carrying one with the seat turned slightly and hooked on his shoulder (the horn of the seat is padded on the bottom).
I bought a Vekrton last week an have ridden about 125 mi so far. I really like the bike.
I drive a small hatch back and it fits nicely in the back (folded).
When I go into the grocery store I fold it in half (which takes about 15 seconds when you get the hang of it) and set it in the cart.
Good luck in your search.


The thing weighs 50lbs! For some of us senior citizens (especially after back surgery :(), that's a bit much. I wish it were 10 pounds lighter or I were stronger.