Velo Trail e-bike2014


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Bought in Jersey CI. Had decided to sell bike due to age concerns, but found that:
1. The LED display did not work
2 The battery only charges up to 80% (theoretically!)

The two agents on the island did not want to know and suggested bike not worth repairing - buy a new one! Since I am averse to binning a perfectly good bike - mechanically - I set about trying to find out where the problem lay, and found that the LED display had current (2.43V) but no LEDs lit up or means to switch on. Battery obviously on the way out (£380 to replace!!)

Raleigh not much help as told to approach dealers (no use there ), and that if I were to replace the LED display it would cost £105! No return if fault lay elsewhere.

Bit of a quandary. If anyone has any ideas to avoid just dumping it.......