Very happy with the Momentum Transend E+ (and a few mods)


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I bought a 2020 Momentum Transend E+ recently on clearance from my local electric bike shop (LEBS?) and am really enjoying it, especially the automatic mode when I want a lot of assist and don't want to have to think about the power level at all. The Transend seemed like a fantastic value to me compared to some of the others I test rode, which cost more (sometimes way more) but which I didn't like any better.

I wanted to say thanks to this forum and especially @Coolbob for the write up on installing a front light and tapping into the button on the Giant controller. It was an easy job except for getting the plastic lockring off, which finally loosened up after being sworn at for 10 minutes.

I ride a proper mountain bike and gravel bike but the Transend is perfect for quickly jetting into town and reducing car use. I take the bike on a crushed gravel or dirt bike path for most of the way into town so I also swapped out the tires for Schwalbe Johnny Watts 27.5 x 2.35 tires (made for electric mtb bikes so biased more towards road than most mtb tires, but with excellent grip for mild trails) and added a suspension seat post and stem to smooth the ride.


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@PassingThrough - Nice looking ride, congrats on getting one at a discount! IMHO, the Momentum bikes hit a sweet spot of quality, value, style, simplicity and fun that the other bikes seem to miss. I've had mine for almost a year and it's been completely trouble free. We bought a Momentum Vida E+ for my wife a few months ago and she loves it. Hope you enjoy many happy miles on yours!