very happy with this bike :)


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got in a few more rides the past week

50 miles a few days ago, kind of got lost- not really ever lost because i always have 2 gps with me - but tried to get somewhere and ended up a good ways around that..
google thinks everything is a road that goes through lol

no big deal, that is why i have 2 batteries :)

26 miles yesterday- saw 11 !!!!! snakes- time to head to flagstaff!

40 miles today and only 2 snakes...

bike is doing great, love it!!!

hope everyone is getting to ride some and staying healthy


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Bike is about 700 miles now, got in some kind of “hard “rides around cordes junction az the past few days

the wind has been bad this week so against it or side swiping me most of the rides, somehow it never seemed to be pushing me any :(

a lot of steep climbs, the most level 4 green i have ever used

in tucson- more flat -getting about 16-17wh per mile and the speed is probably a little higher

up here rides with 2500-3300 elevation gain and the wind more like 20-22wh per mile
considering a third battery for long rides- mine are 14ah because the frame is smaller

but i have not had range anxiety at all and have not been very conservative with the power on any rides

today did 30 miles half on a narrow forest road that had just been “graded” that was better for the off road buggies but lousy for the bike
sand/dirt pushed everywhere, lots of climbs with big loose rock and sand

Used walk mode and throttle a lot walking the bike- mostly because i am chicken of riding on the loose rock in steep areas up and down
the bike would probably be fine and i was braver coming back

the WW is loaded heavy and is handling all this great

when i am in a lot of sand especially on a road like this where it is everywhere and you cant tell when you are getting into deeper stuff i have the bike in pas 3 green all the time and 8-9 on gears, this keeps it from bogging down any
it always powers through smoothly but sure i am using more battery like that

have used the throttle to lift my feet up and go through creeks 4-5 times without getting wet, that was nice

i am still more comfortable on this bike than any of the others, the fs is really making a difference
And the power when you need it is great!


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just ordered a front rack from old man mountain for my bike, will update this on how it does once it is here and installed

want to spread the weight out more evenly on the bike lower than the big handlebar bag


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Got the old man mountain front rack installed
nice rack, well built
would not hesitate to recommend these racks

not happy with how the shop installed the light but will have that remedied when i drop the bike off for some other stuff end of the week

but... surprisingly not sure i am happy with the handling on it, just have a couple of short rides but actually think it may have handled better with the ortlieb handlebar roll pack- same weight on the bike all around Just shifted some to the front panniers from the ortlieb handlebar bag

Expected lowering the weight to make everything more stable, better handling????

will get in some more rides and go from there

the bike is crazy stable in any terrain even with the extra weight
mainly notice the weight when stopped and mounting

talking to the shop about a dual center kickstand

ride is very smooth even on bad terrain

the maxxis minion tires are excellent, very sticky

these are my go to tires from here on out
running them at 19.5 most of the time, believe the lowest on the sidewall shows 18 or 19

did a 25 miles on really lousy forest road today, sharp embedded rock everywhere, washed out bad
concerned about pinch flats but the tires and the rack came through beautifully

this was a good test for the front rack and it did not miss a beat

I need to go through my bags and see what i can lighten up
i tend to be out for 4-6 hours and want to be prepared for any issues that may crop up

bike definitely is more nimble without the weight on it

pictures to follow
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The picture of the bare rack seems to be tilted up more than it really is, will check that tomorrow
but think that is a distortion of the picture


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got a good 46 mile ride in today, first 20 into a 20mph headwind which was not fun but coming back was really nice

love this bike!

meant to add where i rode on the bad road yesterday in flagstaff in case others want to avoid it

went up elden springs road and then right on schultz pass road, schultz pass is the one with a lot of sharp embedded rock


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I am a little crazy about being prepared for any issues, mainly because I am 30 miles one way out in the middle of nowhere half the time with no cell service

But I do always have my garmin Inreach tracking me and can text for help

90% of my summer riding is out on forest roads and I can go all day and see no cars...

The bags are not as heavy as they look, I tried to spread the weight out

And may go back to a big handlebar bag and pull the front rack, not sure yet

Think this is a good setup for some rides but not sure I need it right now


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bike is at 990 miles and will be over that in a few hours

still LOVE it!
most rides are 4-6 hours, usually 4-5 days in a row and i am never tired in the shoulders etc after or the next day, it just absorbs bumps great

to me this is the ultimate forest road bike

excited about the archon upgrade


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bike is at 990 miles and will be over that in a few hours

still LOVE it!
most rides are 4-6 hours, usually 4-5 days in a row and i am never tired in the shoulders etc after or the next day, it just absorbs bumps great

to me this is the ultimate forest road bike

excited about the archon upgrade

Wait a Ti frame, 3" tires, with rear suspension, a suspension seat post, and a C9 seat?
I think you might have designed one of the most comfortable bikes ever.
Now all you need to add is this when it comes out
Kinekt Suspension Stem


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So I did a little reading on unsprung weight, the problem with it is that it affects handling correct?

I don’t know what to say on that other than the bike is extremely stable, super solid

not sure how much the front rack adds in weight but think the bags are a total of maybe 35 -40 lbs with the extra battery

which means I may be overkilling using the front rack and panniers at all most of the time

they felt heavier to me holding them than they weight out with my luggage scale

it seems the bike feels a little more balanced overall with the front rack and panniers instead of front handlebar bag, two rear panniers

the other thing in this equation is that I ride slow, my speeds all day are 7-15mph, closer to the low end of that
The terrain is very varied and never know when I will be running into deep sand or deep gravel
Going downhill I am riding the brakes if the bike gets over 15-16 mph

so maybe the unsprung weight is not affecting me as much


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Very interesting, wish I had heard about that before I bought the old man mtn rack

these would be great for all WW