Visiobike from EU

Ravi Kempaiah

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This is a very neat looking bike with some excellent specs. Because of EU regulations, it is limited to 250W
Good to see new designs coming up. Would be nice to know how it performs as well.

Motor: well known MPF mid-drive (5.1)
Battery: Panasonic Li-ion 14.5Ah
Brakes: Magura MT2
Tires: Schwalbe Marathon
Interface: Android via Bluetooth (has some pics of rear view cam as well??!!)
Rear Hub: NuVinci
Egon GP2 grips.
Expected range : 100km ??

Web link:


Rear view cam and I'm not sure if it comes standard on the bicycle.

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This is pretty sweet! Thanks for sharing along with the specs and stuff Ravi. The frame style reminds me of BMX, great weight balance and it looks like carbon fiber. As a kid I would have loved cruising around town on this, maybe doing some dirt jumps or skate park stunts on my way to or from school :p