Vivax Assist... Stealth to the MAX!


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There is technology available today that requires bikes at road-race events to be checked for pedal assist. Not kidding! And your first response? That can't be cheap! How much assist can you really hide in a road-race bike? Try $3400.00USD and 200 watts. Not cheap, but not crazy expensive either and 200 watts is just 50 off the max allowed by EU and many countries. A very interesting bit of tech!

vivax bike.jpg
The Vivax Assist.

Hidden motors for road bikes exist — here’s how they work, Cyclingtips blog.

Hope this technology trickles down to the common ebike.

Mike Smith

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Very stealthy and I think in a few years with battery improvements we will see 750w ebikes that look like this. The lighter and more stealthy ebikes can be made the more people in the US they will attract, especially the road warriors I see struggling up hills and boomers who want to still look cool.

Ann M.

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Interesting, @J.R. A very similar product, the Gruber assist, was introduced in 2009. Made a bit of a scandal when it was suggested some European pro rider had cheated using this motor. Looks very much like the Vivax. Same kind of crazy price tag, too.

Gruber Assist.jpg



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Could be a stolen idea, there had to be a first or prototype. The Vivax looks a little more refined and current battery tech may have been what pushed this system/idea to the forefront.


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I just stumbled onto this thread. Gruber and Vivax are the same:

Love this idea. Motor is in downtube, maybe you could get batteries into the top tube. Only one obstacle to total stealth - they say it's a little noisy...