'Voilamart' Ebike controller stuck in reverse 48v 1000w


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Story goes like this:

Took my ebike out for the first real time after reconstructing it. Everything seemed fine untill about 2km away when my motor started stuttering. I pulled into a plaza, turned it off and on again. Now my ebike is stuck in REVERSE!

Checking the connections, the Hall sensor was loose. Phase wires were the correct way.

So here's what I've tried:

Disconnect Hall: Runs in reverse

Disconnect Hall and Switch 2 phase wires: Runs forward

Connect Hall with Phase wires switched: Stutters forward then goes backwards

I have attached the 'diagram' of the motor controller that came with it that gives no real info. The instruction manual is useless as well.

There's also no 'learning wire'

Did I trip some setting to make it go in reverse by having a loose Hall connector? Has anyone heard of this issue? All help appreciated!

Thank you


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