Voilamart ebike conversion kit


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I am new here and would like your helps.
Recently purchased a ebike conversion kit and a pack of 3 batteries as a power source. I followed instructions and installed the units on my existing beach cruiser. When everything connected, I twist the throttle and all I got was the wheel turned about 1 or 2 round and stopped. I can feel a little force when the wheel turning but nothing else after that. Turned off then power back on, same thing happens.

Any idea why this happens? Are batteries not providing enough power or I got a bad kit?

Voilarmart conversion front wheel kit, 36V and 500W
Mighty Max F2 batteries, 12V and 12AH each (serial connected)

I have tested:
Wheel/Motor moving freely without noise.
3 batteries fully charged and output around 37-38 volt in total.
Indicator on throttle showing full bar.
All wires connected correctly according their color codes.

Any helps are much appreciated!