VoLspeed 3 + Explore E+1 question


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I have recently installed a VoLspeed 3 into my 2020 Explore E+1 and it is almost perfect.
I say almost because there's a small niggling problem, well i think it's a problem... the Ridecontrol app and my phones GPS both report different distances traveled.
The VoLspeed 3 has a setting in the initial setup where you can change the wheel circumference from what's stored in the drive unit, 21.8cm.
Mine shows a lower circumference than what my wheels are, so i click it up to the 22.3cm (700x40c) i measured and let the setup finish.
Go for a ride and the ridecontrol and gps are a lot closer in there reporting.
But when i switch bike off and back on again the setting has changed back to original.
Am i missing something or this an un-documented feature....?

Also the last couple of rides the Ridecontrol app is not storing the map it creates along the way, click save data, everything is saved except the map.
Don't think this has anything to do with the VoLspeed 3, but you never know.
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Stefan Mikes

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Mazovia, Poland
Our Slovenian user of VolSpeed tried to convince me (by quoting the User Manual for VS) the wheel circumference as set by the user would work. It doesn't. Giant seems to put the same wrong wheel circumference in all their e-bikes (mine wrong value is 21.8 cm; it should be 22.5 cm). VolSpeed is unable to correct it.

You could of course ask the LBS to set it correctly but:
  • Your LBS seems to be somewhat distant;
  • You would need to remove VS3 prior to the visit, hehehe :D
Just ride on! Rely on GPS as I do.

Re RideControl app: It is only good for setting assistance levels. It is rubbish in all other aspects.