Voltbike Bravo....1 year later review


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Well, 5000 km and 1 yr later, here are my thoughts. A great entry level mountain ebike. Solid on both road and trails.

Only issues...a cadence sensor that quit and was covered by warranty. Stripped cranks which I replaced. DO NOT USE THE MULTI TOOL THAT COMES WITH THE BIKE TO INSTALL PEDALS...You cannot torque them properly.

The Bravo has been a solid runner in the last year and while there was certainly a learning curve on riding it compared to my non electric mountain bike, I find myself riding faster and further.

Have made some upgrades along the way and personalized my ride as well. Just upgraded the tires for the winter to 27.5 x 2.25 CST BFT.

Solved the water bottle space issue problem by adding velcro to the battery. Bell 240 lumen headlight and rear wireless turn signals with strobe.

New Velo Plush seat, panniers, rear rack basket, tool pouch on the seat post, phone pouch on the cross tube and a clown horn.

Added some Eclypse anodized aluminum pedals that match the blue accent colours on my bike.

I spent almost a year researching my purchase, reading many reviews by Court and thoughts by members on this forum before pulling the trigger.

My ebike experience has been nothing but positive and looking forward to my 2nd purchase.


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