VoltBike Shipping Question


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Thinking about getting a VoltBike Mariner, but their website says "Shipping with R+L Carriers to commercial address". Anybody able to ship to their HOUSE OK???


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Update! Just called them, and they said shipping is $100 (instead of $70) if shipped to a residence. But I can pick it up at an R & L Carrier terminal, and then only pay the $70 charge. One is super close to our house.


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You probably should've asked that too! Sounds like the answer might be yes, although the snag might be setting the actual freight company address as the destination which might need its own arrangement.

Most electric bikes cost two hundred bucks to ship, $100 is still a great price. I paid $200 for my radrover.

The added cost is due to the lithium battery special handling costs...though I don't see how the freight companies treat the boxes any differently, I've received two with huge holes and box damage, bikes are always ok though.


My Mariner is getting shipped within Canada and it's coming via Vitran Express.
I paid $40 shipping and was told it would go to Vitrans closest depot.
With my tracking number email it stated that I be home on the expected date of deliver so I can help the driver unload my box.

I guess we'll see where it ends up.


Hi guys, thanks all for your interest and let me explain how our shipping works, because it's different for USA and Canada. Because of our high shipping volume we was able to negotiate great shipping rates. We use only LTL (Less than truckload) carriers. As you guys know, we ship our bikes fully assembled and the shipping box is quite large.

1. All US orders are shipped from our warehouse facility located in Blaine, WA. This way it's faster and there is no duty or extra charges for the customer.
Shipping anywhere in US is $70 USD and this price include delivery to commercial/business address or pickup at the freight company terminal address. We can also deliver to residential address, however it's $30 USD more. (This is what freight companies charges us and is because the truck need extra time to maneuver). Pickup from Blaine, WA would be free of charge. :)

Depending which one is more affordable we use either YRC Freight or R+L Carriers.

2. For Canada we ship from our Burnaby, BC Distribution center. We use Vitran Express for most of our shipments. Price is $49 CAD and this price include delivery to either residential or business address. It does not matter.
In same rare case, if the address is in rural area we may ask to pickup at the closest Vitran Express terminal.

Hope this helps.