Voltbike Yukon 750 - 1000 Watt DIY Upgrade

How to unlock controller to 1000 watts
Takes 5 minutes. Post your results. I found this video a month ago. I am happy with this simple upgrade. THE Yukon controller does NOT respond to 20 to 30 amp settings. Setting to 19 amps will give you a true 1000 watts power. I bought Yukon six months ago and put on over 1500 kms in it before finding this video. Please share and post your findings. I am very happy with this free 5 minute power upgrade😃


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Good find Yukon750Unlocked! I was looking for a quick fix like this a while back but couldn't find any. A lot of Voltbike users will be interested in this. I just tried this last night and I did notice a modest torque gain. When I also tried to set the max current to 16 amps from 15, the power still went up to the max reading of "999" on the display too, from the 824 my bike would formerly max out as.
Thanks. Here is a recent cheap $60 upgrade,a 44 and 50 tooth sprockets. Now its a 14 speed. The 50 tooth is better suited for 30-40 km hr cruising,and it looks great.