Voltbike Yukon 750 charger plug work in another country?


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Regarding Voltbike Yukon 750:
Does the company ship to the USA?
How much is shipping to NYC?
Also is the quoted price of bike in Canadian dollars or US$ (not sure if there is a difference)?
The plug for the charger, will it plug into an american oultet?

Trying to decide between this bike and Rad Rover. They seem like the same bike except for the battery and shipping cost.


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I think at the top of their webpages you can set us our Canadian dollar. Pretty sure they ship to US, just try adding the bike to your cart...


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I have often looked at the site. The shipping is i believe $79 U.S. and the price is prob in U.S. dollars as well. And for your info our countries use the exact same power system so all electrical cords and accessories are the same. It,s the european systems that are different. Lately the Canadian dollar is valued less than your dollar, somewhere around 73 cents but it does go up and down slightly. That is why the price for the bike is less for you than what I as a Canadian would pay. Hope this helps.


Our website is setup so when you visit from USA it shows prices in USD currency. When you visit from Canada it shows prices in CAD currency. You can also switch the currency at the top right corner of the website.
All USA orders are shipped from our warehouse in Blaine, WA and the shipping cost is just $70 USD. Shipping is fast and there is no customs duties or taxes.

For Canada we ship from Vancouver, Canada and shipping is $49 CAD.

You can read more here regarding shipping in USA.