Volton 2020


Apparently, our riders are riding bikes and not spreading the Volton news.

We have sold all of our spring and early summer machines but have some pretty great deals on preorders, which seem to be going fast as well. We do have Tracker Ultra eMTB models in both medium and large in stock almost ready to pack and ship.

All bikes out of stock are expected for late July and early August deliveries depending on the model.
Alation 500 is getting an upgraded torque sensor, 2 frame sizes, hydraulic brakes with cutoff, SKS fender set and a 48v 14ah or 17.5ah Samsung or Panasonic pack. preorder starting at 1450 with the cadence 1699 for the torque and Schwalbe tire upgrade

The new A Trail Ultra, with Deore and Rockshox and all the shiftsensors and other finer specs, of which a small fleet sold out quickly this spring, is in production as well for an August delivery.

check it out and send us a message at voltonbicycles.com

enjoy the ride.
Volton A Trail 2020 1x1.jpg

Volton Tracker Ultra eMTB side close_1227x690.png