W Wallke 26" Folding Fat Bike[Amazon]


I decided to take the risk and buy this bike on Amazon. I was mainly looking for a folding commuter bike that could handle my 290 pound body, it also had to have enough power to help push me up the hills, the bike had to be folding because I live in a small second story apartment and I wanted to occasionally be able to store it in the trunk of my car. Unfortunately most of the folding bikes under 26" stated max capacity around 260 and I also doubted they had enough power to help me out on the hills.

Browsing Amazon I stumbled upon the Wallke bike and I immediately liked the design and specs, full suspension, 750w Class 3, folding with battery in frame, mag wheels and 330 pound max capacity. $1400 and it was a Chinese bike with little reviews but I decided with it being on Amazon it was worth a try. I had a little bit of a wait time before I received notification on May 1st that my bike was being shipped, only it wasn't actually shipped. 3 days later with no updates and FedEx saying the tracking number didn't exist I contacted the seller who apologized stating that they had just given all their warehouse workers a week off for a holiday and unfortunately my bike didn't make the last shipment as an apology I would be receive a free set of gifts. BTW when the bike arrived those free gifts were nowhere to be seen.

So I waited another week and finally FedEx updated the shipping info, the whole week I was waiting I waffled on cancelling the order or not and in retrospect I really should have. The box arrived another week later after multiple FedEx screw ups and seemed to be in ok condition so i signed for the delivery.(Another regret, I missed a thumb sized hole in the box) After opening the box and taking the bike out I noticed an immediate issue, the keyhole on the throttle was broken off and hanging by its wires(that thumb sized hole), so I immediately took pictures and contacted the seller. Wondering if there was anything else wrong I decided to proceed to build the bike out completely, it was a typical build, front tire, handlebars seats, pedels, etc. The packaging was normal for an ebike so the damage was just due to FedEx being FedEx.

After building it, I checked decided to check out the fold, the battery, LCD screen settings and various other elements. First, the bike design may fold but its not a balanced fold, the front end is a good 5 inches longer that the back end and it is completely unusable(the chain guard can't even protect the chain because of the lean), the battery was good and had no issues, since the wires were still connected on the key I was able to test the LCD screen(very carefully due to the throttle damage) and the bike only has 3 modes, 1: No power, 2: Pedal Only, 3: Throttle + Pedal. The combined front headlight/horn worked perfectly and I lifted the bike cranking the throttle and it reached 31.1 mph so its speed checks out.

I then proceeded to ride the bike around unpowered to test and get a feel for it. After about 5 minutes I started having a bunch of issues and had to stop the tests. At first I thought I had done a crappy job putting the bike together but about then I noticed 90% of my issues were stemming from the company side of the bike, the one that horrified me was that the screws on the hub motor had actually unscrewed themselves. What would have happened if I was riding 28 mph down the road and that happened? I didn't feel safe riding this bike and so I decided to return it, with all the major + minor problems it just wasn't worth risking my safety. The bike also wouldn't have worked for fitting into my apartment, it was just awkward with its bad folding design.


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