Walk assist on Gazelle NL not available?


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I bought my Gazelle NL a couple of weeks ago and one of the feature I liked is the walk assist. Being a heavy duty compact utility bike, I thought the walk assist is a standard feature on the NL. My dealer contacted Gazelle and their answer is that walk assist does not come with the NL in Jeans-blue only on the hunter green version. The NL is the heaviest bike in Gazelle's line-up, why would this be?

Doesn't the NL also come with an Intuvia display? One bike in the shop is outfitted with a Purion.

Can someone enlighten me, please?


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Which color did you get and what display did it come with?

My wife and I just got Gazelle NL‘s delivered this evening. I got the Hunter Green and my wife got the Jeans Blue. I had to order them without seeing them since our local Gazelle bike shops did not have any in stock. I ordered the bikes believing the specs on Gazelle’s website for the NL C8 HMB.

I assumed that both bikes would have Intuvia displays and both would have Walk Assist mode.

Well, my Hunter Green bike came with a Purion display. I would not have ordered the bike had I known that it did not have the Intuvia display as specified on Gazelle‘s website. I really want to be able to power my phone from the display, plus the Intuvia is a much better display IMO. The manuals that came with both bikes only describe the Intuvia display; nowhere is the Purion display even mentioned. So, I don’t know why my bike came with the cheaper Purion display.

The owner of our LBS who delivered the bikes said that he would contact Gazelle on Tuesday (since its the Memorial Day weekend) and ask Gazelle to see about getting an Intuvia display for my bike. He said that he could install Intuvia display to replace the Purion display. I also asked him to find out about the SmartphoneHub as a replacement option.

Funny thing is, I have been trying to figure out how to activate Walk Assist on my wife’s bike for the last couple of hours. I have been searching the internet to see if I was doing something wrong or if there was some setting that needed to be changed. This is how I found your post.

I have followed the instructions that I found on how to activate Walk Assist on the Intuvia display which is on my wife Jeans Blue bike and it does not activate.

We bought our bikes expecting to have Walk Assist on both of our bikes. As you state, the bikes are heavy. Walk Assist is really important/necessary for some of us.

I am able to activate Walk Assist on my Hunter Green bike with the inferior Purion display.

Both bikes supposedly have the same Performance Line motors, so you would think that they both would have Walk Assist.

Gazelle is misleading customers with incorrect information in their advertising. They do not state that certain colors come with different displays or features. Gazelle specs for the NL C8 HMB model state the that it comes with an Intuvia display.

I am pretty upset. Let’s how Gazelle responds to the problems with our bikes.


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Hello @EdM

I have the Jeans Blue bike like your wife.

I dropped by my LBS yesterday and my Seller contacted Gazelle Bikes. The answer provided was the walk assist only comes on the hunter green version of the C8 HMB NL and is disabled on the rest of colours. The other strange thing is that the hunter green is equipped with a Bosch Purion Display instead of the Intuvia like you said. His and other people’s suggestions is for us to write to Gazelle Bikes referencing our frame numbers (should have been issued to you and may be found on your receipt) and ask for an explanation. Then we can compare our answers here. What do you think?

I have however decided to keep the Jeans Blue Gazelle NL anda not exchange it for the hunter green one with walk assist. I can live without the walk assist for now and really like the features of the Intuvia over the minimalistic Purion. And who knows after we contact them we may come to some sort of agreement where they will issue us both special firmware updates that will unlock the walk assist features on your wife’s and my bike. It is already integrated with the Bosch Performance Line Motors after all.

As for your display, the answer to that change is also of interest to me.

Let us see their response! Cheers!


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Hi @catzilla

In addition to the specs listed on Gazelle’s website, I based my purchasing decision on the information contained in EBR’s review of the NL: Gazelle NL C8 HMB Review. At the 13:50 time mark in the video review, the Gazelle rep explains the Walk Assist function on a NL C8 HMB bike that is not Hunter Green in color. I don’t know the reasoning behind Gazelle’s decision to remove this very helpful feature, especially since it is still on one of the bikes I just received.

Hopefully Gazelle will come through on Tuesday with acceptable solutions to both the Purion display and Walk Assist issues.
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Hi @EdM!

I have watched that video again, too. And that is what I will be mentioning in my conversation with Gazelle on Tuesday. Let’s hope for a favourable answer. Will keep you posted. 😊
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Hello @EdM,

I am dropping off my bike at my LBS at noon today. Gazelle says that my bike comes with walk-assist. A Gazelle representative will go into the software with their OEM Bosch tool to update the firmware. I am hoping for a favourable outcome. Will keep you posted.


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Hi @catzilla,

We are being offered the same solution for the missing Walk Assitant mode. Looking forward to hearing how the firmware upgrade on your bike went.

We are looking at upgrading my bike that was delivered with a Purion display to a Smartphonehub display. I was told that the Smartphonehubs are on back order, so I will need to wait a bit to get the Purion replaced with something better.

I am happy to see that Gazelle is standing behind their bikes.