Walk Assist + Throttle?

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I have a 2015 Performance line with walk assist. I am 73, am in a very hilly area, and injured my hip. I am wondering if there is a way to morph walk assist into a throttle.


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Hey Qtr,
a Bosch Bike Dealer should activate the walk function with the Bosch diagnosis Software...

greetings from germany


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My walk assist works. My bike is actually from Germany. There are no Bosch dealers or techs in my city.
My Trek XM700 was set up in Holland, and the walk assist works, pushing the bike along at about 10-12mph without pedal input. I haven't used it except to verify that it works.

Jim Allen

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I purchased a Trek 700XM in May 2017 in Needham, MA. I like it. The "Walk Assist" function does not work. The retail store manager tells me that the function was disabled by Trek.
I would like to enable this function. Is it possible & if so, how?

Chris Nolte

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The XM700+ is technically a 2016 bike and the motor is physically unable to enable the walk function. Only 2017 model year bikes will allow for this function if the manufacturer decides to enable it.


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I was at a dealership with a 2017 Bosch Performance Cx that was being updated to enable the Walk Assist mode.
It was a cool feature, particularly on this large fat bike that weighed 65 lb easily.
When my 2016 Performance Line Speed was updated, it showed no Walk Assist mode to enable.
It's a firmware issue that depends on whether the feature exists on your bike, if it does, it's just a software adjustment to get it going.
Once enabled, the throttle is controlled using the + button on your boost level controller after you click the small button on the upper side of the controller.
If you use it and stop, you have to activate it again with that small button. It's a single use feature from my experience.