Wallmount for Bosch eBike Systems Battery Charger


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Hi Bosch eBike enthusiasts,

In a previous post, I shared my eBike Charging Station 3d-print that allows to attach your battery charger to the wall, provides a neat solution for all its cables, and makes it practical to use in combination with a plug-in timer.
However, on the #prusaprinters website, I got feedback that several people preferred a simple solution that is easy to assemble and install (no electricity involved).

For these people, I made the following two versions available:
Here is one picture of each design:

More pictures are available via the above two links. If you like the designs, I would appreciate it if you could give it a like on the #prusaprinters website to give them more visibility.

I hope to convince at least a few of you to download (its free!) and print the designs. Feel free to share this with other people that may be interested.

Also, if you know of another place where I can reach potentially interested people, please let me know.

Best regards,