Wanted Tubeless Tire Suggestion for Trek Allant - 27.5 x 2.3-5 or 650B x 60-65


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I tried Tannus Armour on this bike but was disappointed in the vulnerability to flats. After getting my first flat on Tannus, I found that they had compressed to about 4mm thick.

I also found the weight penalty unacceptable, especially after experiencing tubeless on a different bike. I found a staple stuck in one surrounded by a dime size patch of hardened sealant on the outside of the tire. With no loss of pressure.

I am looking for a tire for mostly road riding but good trail traction would be nice as well. Low rolling resistance is a must.


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They aren't tubeless, but I've been pretty impressed with the Schwalbe balloon tires, like the Super Moto-X in the 2.4" width. Low pressure and low rolling resistance make for a great experience. Maybe something like that?