Wanted volunteers: Tributes for Custom Quiet Gears for Ultra


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You should give up the grudge, it is not good for your health :)
Bafang decided it was worth for them to have a steel gear, and decided it was not worth supporting both nylon and steel.

I can understand that you are frustrated with the later, but ultimately that was Bafang decision.
Have you contacted Bafang directly to see if they would sell you one?
Kind of like the case gasket availability - crickets.

I've accepted the fact there are no nylon gears available for the Ultra, but only begrudgingly. I think there are quite a few others that are like me, who would have liked a vote in the matter....


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I think that might depend on your options. I actually like the motor and the bike. Given a quieter option that was within reason, I'd take it in a heart beat.

With no option, I'm good. There's enough upside with this motor to make it tolerable as is. It's just frustrating to know Bafang had it right when they brought it out, only to have it changed by "expert" opinions....
I guess noise really bothers me. I want to listen to wildlife, while I'm riding. I couldn't wait to get those knobbies off .