Warranty on MAGURA brakes ?


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My front brake does not hold pressure , had it bled a month ago , handle now low , require much effort. I checked w/the latest Stromer shop in the area. They stated they called Stromer and said warranty was through MAGURA directly (don't like this answer BTW). Has anybody dealt w/Magura? My out of business original purchase got this last time I had a brake problem and after waiting for a very and unacceptable extended time they called back Stromer and Stromer sent replacement parts I believe as a courtesy. Since the shop where the bike is no longer is a dealer or much less a fan, i will not have the Sromer option.

I am not even sure what my real question is here, maybe one of our dealers can offer some advice??


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Thank you for the time Richard. the bike is in a shop now as i said . We are to Fl shortly for 2 day of riding then a cruise and back home , need my bike to work for those 2 days, I hope i can ride it for our Vac. Since the bike is in the shop let me check w/them and before i say/do anything else. thank you to all of Crazy Lenny's shop!

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To say this upsets me is an understatement. I have been told repeatedly by most local dealers that bike vendors typically warranty the components they make and that 3rd party components are warrantied by the individual 3rd party. Plus, they do not cover labor. At this point the state of the industry with regards to warranty protection is highly suspect. I am sure better dealers (like Len's) take an approach that is much more professional and simply remove the nonsense from the customers view. It just seems to be a long standing history of bad business policies in the traditional bike market. Vendors claim they give dealers huge margin to compensate for warranty claims which is absolute BS (IMHO). My policies at the public companies I worked for was a simple one: all warranties are without condition except for obvious abuse.


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This is frustrating as I tried to find a stable LBS and stable manufacturer. The current shop only was a dealer for 8 months, said they had so much issues w/ the manufacturer they dropped the bike.

I am not as sold on LBS as I used to be. I need them but frustrated by service.


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Almost in all cases of warranty you take up the warranty of the product with the manufacturer. In this case the manufacturer is Magura. Call Magura, in the last week they have admitted to some of the MT2's and MT4's having issues of bad seals between the two halves of the caliper that is causing a very very slow leak that results in a dry system over a few weeks. They will send the replacement out pre bleed and ready to be bolted to the bike.

I know this thread is old but it is information that will be useful to new owners that experience this problem. And any shop that sales Stromer should be happy to handle the issue.

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I replaced my leaky rear Magura brakes with a Shimano brake system, getting service and parts for Magura was expensive here in Toronto Canada. The plastic bleed screw is the worst idea ever. I'll replace the front brakes soon.

I've got to figure out the pinout for the hall effects sensor in the grip but the Shimano's are superior IMHO.