Warranty or Service issues?

I have a M250 tandem, the front bottom bracket is super creaky and the chain is loose. there are two adjuster bolts on the bottom to tighten the chain; one of the bolts broke off in the frame as soon as I attempted to loosen it. Now, I cant adjust the chain and will have to get the bolt out. I contacted the factory and they sent me a youtube video on how to drill and tap a hole, no other support. This bike has less than 200 miles on it. I asked for an additional battery to offset the cost of a bike/machine shop repair bill to fix the issue, they offered a couple of bags as a "gift". I don't need a bag for a $3,300 bike I cant ride. Anybody else have similar stories of this kind of service? The bike is cool but I think its made up of cheap parts and they blame anything on the owner.


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Sorry that nobody has responded here to you... I have heard bottom bracket creek on many bikes (and some ebikes) after they get wet. If the BB isn't sealed or if it isn't tightened correctly, this just happens over time. Some local dealers can use poly grease to help lubricate and reduce creek. I'm not a professional bike mechanic, but this is what I've heard and seen... I hope it helps you, and I have noticed that AddMotoR offers limited support, and seems to have limited English speaking/writing ability on their team, so that makes it more difficult too.