Warranty service at shop where NOT purchased


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My LBS Cycle Life where I purchased my 2 Stromers is closing in less then a month. I will have to find another shop for service. I still have a few issues on both bikes. How does this work? I have had the bikes for little over a year. Will I be paying labor but not parts? Are other shops obligated to work on my bikes?


Chris Nolte

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Sad to hear your shop is closing out. Regarding warranty work, it really depends on the shop. We do work on outside bikes and depending on the manufacturer charge for labor. The shop should be able to bill Stromer for labor though if it's a warranty issue, but frankly I haven't billed them before. I don't think shops are required to work on your bike as I do know of some that will only work on what they sell. I will work on most bikes as long as we can get parts. I see it as an opportunity to build a relationship with someone in the ebiking community. You could always call Stromer and see who they recommend. The outside sales rep in your area should have a good idea of who will take proper care of you. Just call or email Stromer and ask to connect with the sales rep in your area.

Hope this helps. As always if there is anyway we can be of service please feel free to reach out.


Great attitude Chris! I see it the same way, we always help a Stromer customer no matter if he bought the bike through us or not, because it's there where the relationship starts.


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Thank you both for the encouraging answers! When this happened w/the original non ST models , I ended up having to drive to Philly for service, 3 hour drive then this shop started w/stromers and all was great hoping the new shop is even better (if possible)

I have issues w/both forks not holding pressure. Her shifter may be broken, the gear selector for the rear has been adj the best it can be and still acts like the cable has been stretched. Her rear brake has gone soft but bled and adjusted,has bite but feels like no brake pad is left, won't lock up tire or help much to slow down. It had been having electric gremlins of almost no help at times but that hasn't happen the last 2 times ridden after removing all ext connections and reconnecting. Both bikes have issues w/the City Kit and rubbing, sometimes I can fix and others requires tools I don't have. Currently her bike as the shop working above issues but if it needs warranty parts I don't expect them, mine is running pretty good

Seems like a lot for a new shop to take on but I too need build a new relationship. If anybody is watching I tip big!