Was gonna sell my Stromer but it's too much fun


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Been riding since January on my Stromer Eleite and have around 1600 miles.

Only thing that has broken was the kickstand! Not even a flat. Extremely reliable. Rear brake squeals a bit.

Since I started using my road bikes last 2 months the Stromer just sits there gather dust. Was thinking about selling it because an unused ebike only brings trouble. Yesterday I needed to make a run to Tamiami airport around a 25 mile round trip. Since it Was the low 90s and humid decided the Stromer would be a better choice.

Didn't want to take chances so I went in Eco mode. Even with that was cruising at 20 mph peddle assist. Arrived at my meeting not tired at all. Everyone loved the bike. On the way home changed plans to see a friend and endedupmgoing around 35 miles. When I got home still showing 20% charge remaining. Wasn't beat at all.

Now I could have taken my road bike it I would have been sweated out and tired and would not have gone onto a longer course.

The Stromer gave me the flexibility to do what I wanted. Great bike


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Great story and one that should be told more in terms of allowing others to realize what they can get out and do regardless of the challenge (while having fun doing it).