Washing your Giant


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Hey all, I got my 2020 Explore E+ 4 a bit dirty recently so set out to give it a clean.

Checked the manual and it talks about 'no excessive water' and 'no soap' or at least 'neutral' solutions to clean.

I then saw this video on the Giant site:

Water on the battery
Water in the connectors

Haha...what to believe?
What do you do use?


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I saw this vid recently, seemed reasonable for excessive dirt.

When I get back and it's really dirty, I give it a quick sprits with a nozzle set on fan, mostly the wheels and tires, and any excessive dirt or mud. I don't soap it, I don't blast it.
Then ride it around the block to dry it off some, blow the excess water out.
Next I turn the bike over and wipe tires and wheels, hubs, spokes, and the lower frame with a synthetic chamois, and treat rubber plastic and vinyl with 303 Aerospace Protectant.
Next I wipe the chain down with WD40 and a cotton rag to clean it, and then oil with Triflow, wipe off excess. It should not be dripping.
Check derailleur adjustment.
Then turn the bike back up, finish drying off the frame, and good to go.

The lower picture is my bike after about 400 hard miles of dirt mountain bike trails.