Watch the front brake line


Hi, just a FYI on your Sondors (my bike is a MXS). I heard some slight noise on the front wheel when coasting slowly and pushing my bike. I thought it was just some dirt on the front disc or pads (happens). I'm glad I took a closer look, my front disc brake hydraulic line was slightly rubbing my front tire. The mount on the fork was slightly loose and turned in. I removed the hose, wrapped it in some scrap 3M clear bra I had from doing some parts on the bike. It's relatively invisible protection (kind of hard to see in the pic due to lighting) now for that area that could touch the tire. I remounted the hose and made sure the mount is keeping it away from the tire this time.


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Noticed that on mine too and the bracket they put there would not tighten. I put a zip tie on it and it's good to go!


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Sondors MXS: I see from your attached photo that the factory installed, brake line retaining zip tie is missing. Possibly, never installed, broken during shipping or cutoff during some excited unpacking. Who knows? The factory installed zip tie is black, about 3/16" wide and installed 2 3/8" below the brake line clamp on the fork body. I really like your idea of using 3M clear bra to protect your brake line. I may do that too. Installing a zip tie as well, would just add to your peace of mind. Trust, but verify.