Water bottle holder for folding ebike

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Hi everyone I'm getting a folding e-bike, and there's no place to mount a water bottle holder. I'm after some idea's for where I could mount it, and what would be the best way to go, I was thinking of either cable ties or self threading screws into the handle bar stem, thus leaving me a free cockpit area free for phone mount and bike computer mount


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I would use caution in drilling holes anywhere on a bike. The warranty as well as structural integrity could be affected.

I've had good luck using this product for mounting water bottles in a variety of locations:

It attaches to any shape bike member. I've even seen them used to attach a bottle cage to a dolphin style down tube battery.


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I use this SKS bottle cage adapter attached to my fat folder stem
sks adapter.jpg
sks on stem.jpg
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This one works well on the long neck of my 20" fat folder (bike on the left). Because the neck is tapered at the top, and super fat at the base, like most folders, it won't slide all the way down, but it doesn't get in the way of anything.

You can also replace the actual cage with a different one if you want, as it uses standard mount points.



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I use this Bell Expandable Bottle Cage & Mount, it uses velcro to clinch onto anywhere on your bike and the 'bottle cage' is adjustable and holds literally any size bottle or cup(and stuff that is bottle shaped!) you can think of and it does so really secure...havent really seen anything like this one and I highly recommend it.

IMG_2204.JPG IMG_2203.JPG
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Just as an alternative idea, I have one of these for my motorcycle for longer road trips, or my tin fishing boat, and I'm adding a ball mount for the e-bike handlebars too for morning commute coffee. Ram makes all manner of discrete ball mounts for pretty much any surface or shape (Strap, clamp, glue, screw). Super quick to swap it out with another accessory, and it auto-levels while you ride and corner which is nice. It's more costly than a simple water bottle cage, but since I can use it for multiple purposes, I like it a lot.


There are simpler versions too: