Water resistance with battery removed?


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Norfolk, VA
When I ride into work for my 13 miles commute, I have to pull my battery to charge it. The ebike sits outside in the weather, rain or shine and sometimes snow. Sometimes I also get stuck in torrential downpours and just throttle the whole way home. Aside from my Rad Runner with its easy to use etsy contact protector for when the battery is removed, what other manufactures have taken the reality of rain into consideration? The etsy invention wasn't Rads idea but it works flawlessly. I'm considering a Juiced Scorpion but I'm suspicious of the power switch on the top of the battery and the strange location of the battery port when the battery is removed. I know bicycle cover exist but is there an easier option?


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If you have any bike with a battery similar to a Hailong then there's those covers like this:

My bike has a Dorado battery and I wish it was easier to weather protect it. I also feel leaving your bike out in all weather is probably going to catch up with you someday, but Rad Runner might be stellar at dealing with water. I feel my Moscow+ would not enjoy being out in the weather.