Water resistance

Bud Baker

I am installing my new Falco 500 W system which includes a bottle battery and console and plus, minus assist regen button accessory. I use my Catrike on our local rail trail, and some touring on the GAP and Erie Canal. There are times when the best of rainless riding plans go off the rails. And touring on a schedule precludes becoming a troll and waiting out the rain under a bridge. I would like to know some of your experiences with how water resistant the console is and any precautions I should take. Some posters here have indicated water has found its way into the console. I wonder if a ziplock bag or clear dry sack would be prudent to have on board. Maybe not necessary?

Rakesh Dhawan

New Member

2017 and earlier models of the console are not water-proof. So a small plastic wrap around them is recommended if you anticipate rain. 2018 models are waterproof and can be ridden in the rain.