Water resistance

Does anyone have any experience with an ST-1 riding in the rain? I suppose I'm looking for disaster stories. I don't plan on riding in heavy downpours, but if I do get caught in the rain. I would like to know if the ST-1 is sound and not susceptible to electrical damage. Thanks.


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Rode in Miami for the last 7 years in all kinds of torrential rain... If the motor gets wet enough the power will cut out until the water drains out... And you shouldn't go thru deep puddles that could submerge the motor. Last 2 1/2 years with a STromer.

Never had any lasting problems, electrically... Stromer makes a good bike with decent connectors.

My only advice is if you do get it drenched, get the bike inside in a warm room so the moisture drains and evaporates.


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I carry a plastic bag and rubber band to cover the display in rain, ther was a thread about it not being quite 100% water proof. , small effort to be extra safe IMHO
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After 9000 miles , probably 300 in the rain, no problems except the display is not waterproof, it will fog up for several days after you were riding in the rain. Good suggestion to carry a ziplock bag to cover the display in case of rain. Otherwise, no issues.


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I have about 45miles in the rain no issues yet. Thanks for the advise on covering the display. I have been wrapping the battery door while I have the battery inside (bike parked outside in the rain at work) with a plastic wrap to keep the compartment dry...it doesn't latch without the battery installed. I know another poster here 3D printed a piece to imitate the battery top to lock it. Might try that??