Watts, Volts, brushless motors and the difference it makes.

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What would be the difference in performance between a:

350 watt 36 volt e bike
And a
350 watt 48 volt e bike

In terms of acceleration
Torque vs rpm?

36 volts would be around 10 amps
And 48 volts would be around 6.5 amps

I guess maybe the magnet wire would be thinner in the 48 volt motor as amps are less with the same wattage

Thinner wire might energize faster causing a magnetic field to increase faster resulting in more low end torque.

As for the speed of the stationary part of the motor, I theorize that the 36 volt might create a stronger magnetic field as there is a greater number of electrons flowing in the wire but might take longer to energize

The thinner wire might energize faster but create a weaker magnetic field