We love our Gazelle Ebikes


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Hi, my wife Anne and myself, (I’m Kenneth), are keen cyclists, we are recently retired and have bought Gazelle Ebikes. We have toured France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. We load our bikes onto our Motorhome bike rack and along with our dog Jesse off we go. We started with push bikes, but as I’m now 70 we have invested in Ebikes and continue to enjoy cycling. In September we are off for a few weeks cycling, I want to go to Bordeaux, but we haven’t decided yet. Thanks to the EBR for letting us join, we look forward to having some tips, and to hear of the adventures of other members, maybe get some ideas of where to go next.


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Welcome to the forum kgiblue. I too love my Gazelle, a 2017 Arroyo, although because of my wife's health problems, I have not been able to ride yet this season.


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My wife loves here Gazelle easy flow. It's a great bike and so smooth and easy to ride. The shimano steps power train is VERY lively . The 8 speed internal gear hub is excellent as is the enclosed chain..