Weakness Of Karma 38 Electric Bicycle

gary baechle

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I purchased a Karma 38 Electric Bicycle exactly a year ago. Everything is acceptable except the bottom end of the battery holder. The battery weighs 40 lbs or whatever. The bottom segment of the battery holder is basically held onto the bike frame via a thin piece of plastic. If you hit a bump on the road while riding it's all over, which is what happened to me. The battery holder cracked and broke thereby causing the battery to disconnect and the bike to stop. Being innovatively inclined, I epoxied the plastic pieces back together, bought a sheet of aluminum at the hardware store for $8, shaped it to the battery holder, screwed it onto the holder. Now it reinforces the holder so I shouldn't have any more problems with it. I couldn't understand why a bicycle company that sells its bikes for $2000+ would use plastic to support a 40+lb. battery and expect it to hold when hitting a bump in the road.
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