Webcast features author Allen Ballard on electric trikes, etc. 12/2, 2PM


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Hello all! My name is Allen Ballard, and I'm the author of a book entitled "Keep on Moving! An Old Fellow's Journey into the World of Rollators, Mobile Scooters, Recumbent Trikes, Adult Trikes, and Electric Trikes" and I wanted to let you know that tomorrow, December 2, at 2:00 p.m, I'll be a guest on a well-known and widely viewed webcast called the "Laidback Bike Report" where I'll be discussing cycling alternatives both for seniors at large and mobility challenged folks in particular. The focus will be on recumbent trikes, and I'll be making some comments on adding e-assist options to them. This program invites viewer participation and some EBR members might specifically be interested and able to make comments on the specific contributions to added mobility that come from using e-assist bikes and trikes. We're trying to explore as many options as possible to keep folks moving and out in the great outdoors. The link for the show is here:
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Just did chime in! Thank you so much! Looking forward to starting an on-going discussion about all the many ways that electric bikes can bring enhance the lives of those whose mobility seems limited. And there is so much expertise available on this site to attain that end.
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