Welcome. Please explain your company mission for E-Bikes.

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I noticed you have four (4) dealers in the SF Bay Area. I will visit one when in the neighborhood. Service is my key concern. I intend to replace my car with an eBike. I expect the eBike to be subject to maintenance and upgrades like any other vehicle used for transportation, rather than recreation.

Please explain your company mission for E-Bikes. I would like to know how your scooter and motorcycle experience helps your eBike design. What is the highest voltage/amp/watt scooter controller? Is the best scooter controller a sine wave controller like SVMC048060, 1500W-continuous, 48V 60A-peak, from Sabvoton?

Can scooter technology be compressed into practical eBikes?

I would love to have an eBike with a scooter motor, despite the California Class four classification. The ultimate is squeezing scooter-level power under the one kilowatt California legal limit for Class one. I prefer taking an American/Californian, rather than European approach to eBike design. California legal limits are higher the federal restrictions. Witness Sondors success with a Malibu Beach Cruiser! Based on Court's Sand Viper review, your bike appears to be a better value than the Sondors EBike.

Most people want a powerful eBike for speed and the thrill from acceleration.

My goal is 120Nm of torque, which can be realized with a motor like the 8Fun BBS02. Why constrain our thoughts to existing products? Why not take a Steve Jobs approach to eBikes? Steve Jobs focused on maximizing the battery, not the electronics.

If I am forced to build my own eBike, I will try to compress scooter tech into a bicycle frame. I do not want to mess with a bike. I have automobile overhauling, electrical and commercial firmware programming experience in the Silicon Valley. I want a reliable product backed by good service.

My road is a 10% grade. My route to the store is 18% grade. I run to the store and carry 10-35 pounds of food up the 18% grade. Transportation, rather than exercise, is my primary need for an eBike.

Please elaborate on your dealer network. Local dealer network is a huge advantage from my perspective.
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