Well placed article human interest article in the L.A. Times.


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For personal reasons I will not go into Aspergers or living with it, however whatever my sympathies I find this to be a cynical marketing/pr exercise, the timing of which should be noted. What relevance does it have to whether the product will come to fruition and the Campaign has integrity? Does it excuse the observations on the Sondors Fact Finding Thread?

(edit) and for the uninformed, this isn't an article that someone just stumbled across, it has been sent out by Agency 2.0 to Contributors as a PR Exercise no doubt. Whenever I raise what is a pertinent point on any Sondors biased forum, I am banned, insulted, abused.
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George S.

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Well, whatever. Turn the guy into a folk hero and make him the face of ebikes. This campaign just reeks of LA. It's how they do things, glamour and glitz, or something all teary-eyed. Still, LA is a good town to have on your side. Media machine.

The more they make him legit the more likely he is to come through for people. Who or what is the face of ebikes, right now? Lee Iaccoca used to talk about them passionately, but that was a million years ago. Sondo is a lot more real than some guy from the Trade Association talking about their latest lobbying efforts. Be nice if he'd learn a bit more about ebikes, or hire a technical adviser.

You take the good with the bad. He talked of another campaign. Rather premature, but it does show some level of commitment. Not my guy, but he does have a following. If he wants to be the ebike guy, he's got a lot of decisions to make. He can coast for a bit.

Still, it's like these guys that win the World Series of Poker, notably Moneymaker (who was a degenerate gambler). There's like this hunger to make people celebrities. People believed in Justin Bieber. Look how well that turned out.


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rather premature............? George I love the understatement!!!!! Sondors is quoted as believing they could manufacture 12-14000 bikes on a first production run and with a team of two (where is John Hopp?) distribute them globally. The logistical and support issues are huge for the 7000+ bikes that are apparently going to be manufactured, it is ok raising the money on the basis of a single bike and a media campaign. Putting it into reality is a far different matter. If anything I believe it shows the almost unbelievable naivety and detachment from the real world. I think he should see how this first campaign goes before even mentioning a second Campaign personally, maybe he will get found out big-time with the exaggerated claims of performance from the bike and battery, who knows - that is if any bikes are actually delivered. I used to cook burgers, it doesn't mean I can cater for the Queen's State Opening Banquet! I used to design McDonalds Happy Meal Toys so it means I understand the manufacturing process and issues involved with large-sale bike manufacture....... I have some contacts in China. Well good luck.

That is it from me for a while, Sayonara.


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(QUOTE from the f/b not yet owners mutual backslapping club )
Philip HillisLooking back, the final stake in the heart to the trolls, and naysayers haunting this campaign, will be seen as the L.A. Times article, and the fact that not one had the class to apologize is very telling. (END QUOTE )

Apologise for what exactly? for expressing legitimate doubts about aspects of the campaign? and performance / specifications of the product? and the bona fides of the man in charge?... even some on the owners f/b pages are now convinced that Storm / Ivars is the same person...

And why link any apology to that article, is this concerning Sondors' reported diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome? The only thing more disgusting to me than discrimination, is reverse discrimination.

Theres nothing else in that article that makes me have any more confidence in the scheme / promise of a product at some future date. Storm is still quoting unrealistic performance from the battery and bike.

I'm starting to think that Mr Sondors may truly have very little technical knowledge of the machine that is named for him, Perhaps some other person involved in the project.. a person who may lurk in the shadows and let Storm get all the publicity and pictures... may have other plans for the investors funds.. and leave poor old Storm holding the baby?

Maybe Ivars should have changed his name to Patsy...


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How predictable and low life people are - because Sondors reportedly suffers from Aspergers his bike now does 100 miles on a 20 minute charge.... I get it, we just forget about all the pertinent and worrying issues with this Campaign and instead double our pledges.

Good move Agency 2.0 and Chris Olenik, a brazen liar who has to support false and slanderous allegations on a public forum that I am a paid troll in order to try and detract from the substance of my statements.