Well that was fun


My first rear tire flat on my Moscow plus was a pain. I read the flat repair procedures posted here a few weeks ago but I'm glad it didn't go completely flat on the trail or I would have been walking as I didn't have quite the right tools. I now carry a Huffy horseshoe quick change tube (be sure to carry a knife to cut the old tube out), but for changing a conventional tube I recommend having:
  • Knife or cutters for zip tie on motor cable
  • 19mm box end wrench for right side (no need to remove derailleur guard)
  • 18mm wrench for left side
  • 4mm Allen wrench for left side axle retainer bolt
  • 10mm wrench to rotate axle during reassembly
  • Tire levers and a pump
This was obviously much easier in my garage using my makeshift hoist. I used a Slime tube this time but didn't consider the valve stem length when I bought it. I think it's in the barely long enough category with the deep Moscow rims.

I've also heard of replacing a tube by removing just one axle nut and flexing the frame enough to slide a tube through. You'd have to remove the caliper on disc brake bikes if you're going in from the left. This sounds a little dicey but would be way easier than completely removing the rear wheel.


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