Well the Nyon from Kiox upgrade was not bad at all.


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Got the kit today and it was not hard. I forgot to check but you need a small torx wrench for the screws on the wire harness and the remote. Just take the bolt off and remove the kiox pry the power wire off the harness. I left the remote on and used the new one. A little work to get the new wire harness back in but not too bad screw it down. I also put the lock screw in the non so it cant be removed. Then attach the mount the bars it has several rubber spacer sizes attach the remote button turn it on and set it up. After several garmins the kiox and a older nyon it was pretty easy. You can a lot of it off the bike while charging it too.
I have a wahoo ticker HRM and it connected to blue tooth just fine but wont show my heart rate. It is connected but does nothing. It is one of the recommended ones and worked fine on the kiox. Turning the nyon off and on did nothing repairing it did nothing turning the HRM on after the nyon did nothing. When you open bluetooth and search it shows everything my headphones my wife headphones. I tested my wife's HRM he has the same one but nope same thing its connected but not working. Now there are some things showing in bluetooth with a long string of numbers and I connected to one and it was the HRM and it showed my heart rate. But it would not reconnect too it. So other then that its all working fine.


I got the kit and it's been installed over a week now. I love the upgrade to it from the Smartphonehub.

I too have a Wahoo HRM, and it's working just fine. The only catch is that I need to reconnect it via Bluetooth manually before each ride

What that means is, I have the HRM saved as a BT device. For whatever reason, it does not connect automatically when I boot up the Nyon. So first I must make sure the Wahoo is on, then go to the Nyon's settings - connections - Bluetooth. I'll see my phone and the HRM listed as saved devices, but they are not actively connected. I click on the Wahoo HRM, select connect and it connects right away. When I back out of settings, I'll see that it is indeed connected and reading my heart rate on the screen.

I hope you get it figured out. It's an excellent feature.


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it acts like when I first got the kiox and used a garmin HRM. it worked great till Tried using my garmin watch then neither would work. I was the one that discovered you had to turn the kiox on first then the hrm. I really like the wahoo since they have a arm version I ride too many times to go to the hassle to wear a chest strap. thats a pain on commutes.
you had to get the shop to do it though right to run the wires? man they had to tear my bike apart to get the wire ran for the kiox. the tube was so tight.


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I think I can help you guys as I have the Wahoo and the new Nyon. First, I always have the WiFi off in the Nyon. I don’t pair the Wahoo with it’s app on my iPhone. Unpair it if you do. The Wahoo needs to be turned on before the Nyon is turned on. Then turn on the Nyon and let the do it’s startup. On your phone, turn on the Bosch eBike connect app. Now your phone and Wahoo HRM will be connected and can see the HR on the Nyon.
I know it was frustrating starting a ride and not being connected.


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I will give that a try. I had one ride on it yesterday and I noticed it didn't to since the ride. it said it synced though.then I thought ai would disconnect it from wifi and the phone and reconnect them both would not connect at all. I jsut reset it and only hooked it to my phone so we will see. Just checked and that did it I wonder if thats why you have to turn the kiox on first because the wahoo is paid to your phone? but actually this is good because I hated to have to turn the kiox on first if I went into a store I would have to turn the wahoo off and on again to get it working each time I turned off the kiox.