What 8Fun motor for Yuba Mundo


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So, I have Yuba Mundo and would like to know which 8Fun motor (36v, 48v), and which wattage (500, 750, etc), would be recommended. Most of the time the bike doesn't carry any cargo, only a couple of panniers with my daily commute stuff. I typically ride about 120+ miles per week, typically 20+ miles per day, and occasionally I'll carry cargo up to around 100+ pounds, but that's mostly kind of rare. However, given that the bike can carry up to 640 lbs (rider 200 lbs + 440 lbs cargo), I'd like to get motor that won't be cutting out or burning up if I haul the occasional adult passenger or manage to actually load more than 200-300+ lbs of cargo. Additionally, I'd mostly be using the pedal assist probably on it's lowest setting or not at all. I ride a bike because my wife and I are car-free, but also because it's my daily exercise. The times when I think I'd be using higher levels of assist would be when I have cargo, or on days that I'm commuting with really strong headwinds. I can usually maintain about 10-12 mph under my own power on days when the headwinds are 20-30 mph, but ideally I'd rather be able to get some pedal assist and go at least 13 or 14 mph on those days. I've been looking online at sites like em3ev as well as Luna Cycle, and ebay pricing out the various kits and battery options. It looks like ebay might be the cheapest option for piecing together a motor plus battery. A couple of things I've found that I'd like to have would be the 963 controller, mainly for the back light but also because my bike has a Jones Loop bar and I think the 963 controller would work best. Also, I really don't like the brake levers that come with the Bafang kits, so I'd want to stick with my own levers and use one of the brake cutoff switches that would work with mechanical disc brakes. Also, due to my grips I'd be getting a kit that would have the left side button throttle versus any of twist throttles. Thoughts and/or suggestions on the best motor and a/h battery combo for this kind of application?