What a bike! Can I convert using a rear wheel kit?


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Hi all:
This looks like an an amazing bike. Can I put a rear wheel motor kit on this thing? (Ravi, hope you are around to answer this)

"The Priority 600 features the 12-Speed Pinion Gearbox with the new DS2 rotary shifter, an automotive inspired transmission system created by two former Porsche transmission engineers in Stuttgart, Germany. Named after the bicycle's massive 600% gear range that is equivalent to a traditional 30 speed bicycle, the gearbox offers unmatched versatility and dependability. There is no gear overlap, it's sealed for year-round all terrain riding, and is controlled by a single simple twist shift. Mounted in the center of the bicycle, it creates an ultra-balanced, nimble ride, all in a sealed, all-season, low maintenance package."


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You could put a front hub motor on it. I wouldn't mess with anything from pedals back.
I found an IGH with 8 planetary gearsets (sturmey archer s80) slowed me down about 20% unpowered versus a 24 speed derailleur setup. All those planetary sets whirl around all the time, powered by me. The selector pawl picks one to engage.

john peck

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I put a 48v, 1000w kit from *Calibike on my CCS for $250, less hattery & motor arrest brake levers
Everything else is there, but all I had to do was plug in the wheel with motor, didn't need the rest.
It;s been great. Higher rpm than original, but less torque. I compensated with a smaller chainring.
A little noisy when cold or low speed ( 10-mph), 2500 mi so far, no problem. They also sell
pretty reasonable battery packs, Levers u can find on ebay.

*Brushless rear geared hub motor
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