What Accessories Have You Bought For Your EBC?

Charlie BingBang

New Member
Finally took delivery on my first ebike, an EBC Model E with no add-ons other than the alarm system which they added to the bike as a special bonus. I don’t even have any photos of it yet, still adjusting the seat and handlebars to my liking. Will get an extended ride on it this weekend.

It’s very tempting to start adding all sorts of accessories to a shiny new toy but I’m not trekking through the desert or couriering documents so racks and bags aren’t needed. My goals are flat road cruising on weekends with my bike group and weekdays laps around the neighborhood for exercise.

I’ve transferred my phone mount and bell from my older bicycle and am considering a mirror. I was wondering what extras you folks have used on your EBC bikes, either from them or other sources.