What adventures have your Pedego's got you into?

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So......What adventures have you got into on your Pedegos?


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Ok here's a question for you. I'm searching for my first eBike. I'm female and short (5'0"). One of the challenges I have is finding the right eBike for me that will be a step-thru with a frame size that can accommodate my short stature. My type of riding is very basic recreational, not mountain. Sort of a city/urban/suburban. I don't intend to commute as my commute is 22 miles one way, and that's just not feasible for me. So, recreational rider, short, don't want a top bar. Oh and no aggressive posture on the bike, more relaxed, but not a cruiser. I like to have gears to shift. I have a hybrid Specialized right now (avatar picture), with 20 total gears. I don't need that many on an eBike, but at least 7 would be good I think.

Coming from a fitting background, I would ask for 2 measurements to be able to accurately determine a proper fit.

1. The sizing of your current hybrid bike, your satisfaction with its current fitting and position.
2. Your inseam.

From these measurements I can with 100% confidence present to you a perfect fitting model.

Thanks alot!



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My inseam is 27"

My current bike is a 2014 Specialized Vita Comp Hybrid, size "XS." Picture in avatar is the bike.

- The standover height (691mm) was the factor that made me pick this over the size 'S' because the bike does have a top tube and the "XS" was the only one that fit me there.
- However, the top tube (520mm total length) is too short because when I have to jump off the seat after I stop the bike, my stomach is right up against the stem (and I carry a lot of excess weight around my abdomen), but the reach from the saddle to handlebars is good because my arms are short. The seat is positioned perfectly, so that my legs bend as they should at the correct angle and right over the pedals.
- The handlebar width (580mm) is a bit too wide for me, but the bike shop brought in the grips by 1/2" on each side.
- I just added a 3" stem riser/extender to get a more relaxed position on the bike due to neck/back problems and that feels much better.

See attach for the measurements of the 'XS' size of this bike. Standover height is okay. Top tube length is short. I probably needed the next size up (size 'S') but the standover height was just a bit too high for me.


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