What are some of the oldest Specialized Turbo e-bikes still in use?


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Out of curiosity, I was wondering how many Specialized Turbo e-bikes are still in use, what kind of history there has been with maintenance, parts availability, batteries, and the general overall length of time they have been in use, and if still in use.
My research shows that 2013 was one of the first models. Review here: https://www.electricbike.com/specialized_turbo/
However, I did find a reference article that said 2009 (So, when we developed our first electric bike in 2009, we knew it had to ride and feel like a great bike first—something we'd really love to ride ourselves).
Just curious, was 2013 the first to be mass-produced, and how many are still riding today?


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I ride my Turbo S regularly. I believe it is a 2015. I've had a terrible experience with maintenance since there just aren't very many people who know much about the bike. I paid several hundred dollars to fix an electrical problem that in retrospect was probably caused by some not hugely serious corrosion. One less experience shop managed, I think, to destroy one of my batteries and the main charger. Luckily, I had an extra. On the positive side, the bike just isn't that complicated. Once i had the bike repaired at a shop that specializes in Specialized ebikes, everything has been fine. The battery is slow dropping in capacity. I can only manage about 38 miles now on more or less flat terrain using a 60% eco setting. I can't find any new batteries for less than $900 or so. I really enjoy the bike. It is very heavy (50 lbs.) so you won't be toting it around much in the back of your car. But so are most of the new ones. I intend to hold on to this bike when I get around to buying a Creo or Aria since my wife really likes the bike as well.


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Last year, while on vacation in Florida, I almost bought a 2015 Turbo from a seller in Boca Raton. It had only a few hundred miles, and I was concerned about parts availability.
It took Specialized Rider Care several weeks to reply to my inquiry for an answer about spare parts, etc., but given it was a hub drive motor, and that old, I hesitated and did not consider buying it.
It was a gorgeous bike and I figured it might be good for only the times I was there in Florida, but for the $1400 he was willing to take I knew it might be an expensive hobby.
Technology changes every few years and the bike industry shows it with the technology improving each generation, but to invest in an older bike is a coin toss.....so as a side note, I wonder what really happens to the older e-bikes like a 2015 bike as parts become harder to get. I know in the automotive world there is a mandate here in the US that parts have to be available for 10 years.
Exciting technology, bikes getting lighter, going farther, etc. Makes you want to upgrade every 2-3 years.