What are your "Go-To" tires?


I'm considering a bike (the Neo Jumper) that comes standard with knobby tires - which are probably great for off-roading but since 70% of my riding will be on the street, I'm exploring options that are reasonably good for both kinds of rides. Also, at all possible I'd like to minimize the risk of flat tires too.

I've read on other forums that Armadillo tires are among the best choice to guard against flats. Which ones are good crossover-types to choose from? I'm not stuck on any brand in particular, but I would like to avoid liners or slime.

Feel free to chime in with what works for you!



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What does the Jumper come fitted with as standard?

The Xtrem came fitted with Continental Explorers, which actually perform very well as a dual purpose tyre. It was only when conditions started to change for the worse over here that I felt the need to change them. I was ending up on my backside just too many times when things got wet and slippery.

If you do have the Contentintals, I wouldn't worry too much about spending the money to change. :)

Ravi Kempaiah

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That's a brilliant invention. It looks like the bike driven eco-system in Europe is helping lot more ebikes to appear and many cool technologies to develop. Wish US adopts such cycling infrastructure soon.

Chris Nolte

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oilerlord, the suggestions above are great. I noticed you said 70%, if the other 30% is mild trails you'll be fine with the Marathon Plus. If the trails are loose ground and/or a little more aggressive it might make sense to run a tire with a smooth tread in the center, but nubbys on the side to be able to handle the off road scenarios. Below is an image of one example, the Continental Speed 2.2.