What Do You Bring Along On Rides?

Mr. Coffee

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Same as Mr.. Coffee plus:
  • magnetic mount, LED work/flash light
  • mini torque wrench by Kona
  • CO2 inflater with two large bottles
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Suspension pump
  • 5,000mah USB power pack to recharge phone, lights, etc.
  • medic alert usb bracelet with medication list, contact info, insurance info, medical history
  • chest-strap, heart-rate monitor that reads out on Nyon (Polar)
  • defibrillator (installed in upper left chest below collar bone);)
Funny you should mention Torque Wrenches. I picked this beautiful Silca Ti-Ratchet and Torque Wrench Set last winter and was really impressed. I'd probably retire the trusty Blackburn Wayside multi-tool in favor of the Silca except that I'd still need a chain tool, valve core tool, and spoke wrench.

Although neither has a bottle opener, my trusty Gerber Curve locking-blade knife does.