What Do You Do During The Lockdown?

Stefan Mikes

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Some of us have already been put on self-quarantine by Governments. That may mean you are not allowed to set off for your recreational rides for, say, two weeks or more. For example, the Poland's Executive Order does not mention any possibility to be outside for anything else but work or for "activities of vital importance" such as grocery or medicament shopping. On the other hand, the Government explained physical activity such as bicycle riding alone or in couples is occasionally allowed. Whatever, it is safer to stay at home.

Meaning boredom. Luckily, the outstanding orders for bicycle related purchases are reaching me. I will have a lot of fun with upgrading my e-bikes. The Schwalbe Marathon e-Plus will be the first. These are for my Lovelec.


Made in Indonesia?! Why not in Germany?

If you are in the position of being under lockdown or self-quarantined, what do you plan to do to kill boredom? Not necessarily the bike related activities. Please also post photos if you feel such a need!


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I'm doing the income tax (no delay announced by Indiana), cleaning the kitchen, painting the house. I don't catch viruses outdoors, do no contact sports, so I will continue to ride. Just no shopping at the end of the outbound trip. I'm reading a 900 page history of the 19th century, and practicing piano & autoharp. I'm also installing a new control board I designed for a pipe organ swell engine that burnt up the control board due to a short. The new swell engine control board from the pipe organ supply didn't work, 29 counterfeit transistors and something else besides I can't figure out. I can't go install the swell engine. When I picked up the swell engine 3/18 my co-worker asked for assistance installing a reed & I caught a 24 hour virus from him. His wife is an RN in a hospital, so I won't be meeting him again until summer. Europeans have no respect. Caught a 5 day cold from riding in the car with the wife early in March, who insisted "I'm not sick". She was the only person I saw for the 5 days previous. Many Europeans can spread a virus and never feel bad. I have so many fewer infections now I live alone and only do volunteer work a couple of days a week. Checkout lines at the store are now my most frequent source of colds & flu. When I worked I sometimes had 10 viruses a year.


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Most Counties here in eastern Pennsylvania are under lockdown. Travel is only permitted for obtaining food or medical attention. Being outside for exercise is permitted but it isn't clear if that includes traveling by vehicle to get my bike to a local trailhead. No one seems to be able to answer that question specifically. It's a moot point anyway right now since the weather isn't yet suitable for recreational riding. It's snowing outside as I type this.

In the mean time, I have the bikes in the shop doing pre-season maintenance.


I usually spend the winter months planning bike trips using a variety of software programs but it appears the process will continue until the lockdown is lifted.

I rarely tour by bike anymore and do most of my riding on traffic free trails. I travel all over the east coast with my bike in my pickup seeking out suitable places to ride. I first identify a concentration of trails in a selected geographic area using online sources.

Central CT Trails GE Photo.jpg

I then transfer the trails to a computer program and add location details like trail parking lots, hotels, campsites, etc.


Once the files are created, I download them to my automotive and handheld GPS receivers for road and trail navigation. I stay at a centrally located campsite or hotel to minimize driving time to the individual trails.

The process can be tedious and time consuming but I find it an interesting and enjoyable way to spend my off hours.

Captain Slow

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Jaxx. you do all that riding and you've had a heart transplant!!!! Wow, that is amazing, good for you. All transplant patients should use you for inspiration.

Myself, I'm still doing some riding, but I will probably get to some bike maintenance and when you have multiple bikes there's more to be done.

We actually still have a drive-in theatre locally so took the family there on Saturday night.


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We are not in a total lockdown. It is strange, I've been talking to neighbors, at a distance, more than ever. Folks have been outside working in their yards. I have a dog to walk, and will be bike riding--but not far. My bike rescue person is at high risk so I mustn't call for help. I have started cleaning my travel trailer, which I should have done last fall but had a mechanical failure on my pickup in the middle of nowhere and was still feeling depressed about the whole thing. I have something to fix on the trailer also, which will take bravery and a strong stomach. There is the garden to work on, and......my favorite.....E books can be read.

Mr. Coffee, it is the time for itchy eyes and runny nose here also. I usually hook up my trailer and go elsewhere for a while, but that is not an option this year. Gots to tough it out, and take one Benadryl. That's what works for me.

Stefan Mikes

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What I can see here:
The Polish society has been split on political issues for many years now and Poland's Poles used to be not very much friendly to one another (with the exception of the foreigners: A foreigner is always treated politely in Poland). Also, the Polish are known as stubborn and anarchist. How all of that has suddenly changed!

People obey the orders and recommendations of the authorities to an iota. A single customer in the pharmacy allowed? So it is one person there while the rest are waiting in line, precisely 1.5 m apart from the next person. Disinfect your hands and wear the provided latex gloves before entering the supermarket? So be it. Moreover, people have become extremely polite although they talk at a distance. Unbelievable how a crisis can unite the society.

Myself, spent the day installing the new stem for my Vado. Not 100% happy with the outcome but at least I was not bored.

Mike's E-Bikes

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Building ebike conversions, to catch up with back orders and deposits made by customers who were not in a rush to get theirs until warm weather arrives. Very relaxing time right now, and by appointment schedule working out super. Customers appreciate the individual time slots.


developing exercise list to replace going to the gym 6 days a week, dreaming about next ebike, riding current ebike,
reading more. Today I worked on excel spreadsheet to track my rides. I enter starting and ending voltage, distance and time traveled. It computes speed and watt hours per mile. And sure enough, the faster I go, the more watt hours I use...Goal is to keep reducing watt hour per mile.
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Wondering how long one week of groceries can last?
I'm not looking forward to visiting our grocery store @ less than 100 miles from NYC.


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I worked on my bike some, had a sick horse had to be put down and I buried her last friday. THen rain...lotsa rain. 2.5" of it.
Tomorrow while i still have the backhoe borrowed I'll be putting in water lines at the barn.

I did manage to break my garden tractor yesterday trying to put the mower deck on..broke a casting on the steering...lovely.
Gonna have to cut grass soon...sold my old mower and some of that is paying for my new mower and the water lines.

Forecast was for 5 days of rain out of 7...not raining now but 48F is a bit chilly for a 30mph ride. Should be able to ride to the barn tomorrow though!! Main reason I got the eBike.

HAve been there once so far and 2 times to the store.

Working some on my business, DJ, with lighting.