What do you think of this compact eBike?

Larry Pizzi

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Court wrote a review on it, I'm interested in your thoughts.


Full review here: https://electricbikereview.com/izip/e3-twn-exp/


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Full spec here. http://www.winora.de

It looks petty good to me, although I think that they could have made better use of battery storage area. The chain guard, lights and mudguards are a nice touch though.

Rear wheel removal could also be a potential nightmare, and personally I think that I would rather buy a town bike with a front hub mounted motor.

If rear hub was the only option, I'd go for the BH NEO Volt Sport

Ravi Kempaiah

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The color combination of red/black is awesome.!!

I read that Winora is an Accell company and now Currie is acquired by Accell group, they might have brought this bike to US market.

At 60 lbs, it's slightly heavy to be used for commuting purpose on Metro/light rails but would be a very nice addition to hotel/resort fleets.

Larry Pizzi

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@EddieJ - Actually, the US spec is different the the EU spec - 400W Vs. 250W, higher top speed, throttle option, etc, etc. Also, removing the rear wheel is no more difficult then most nutted hub motors and this has a very nice easy to connect motor plug. Full spec here: http://www.currietech.com

@Ravi Kempaiah - Yes, its not a lightweight but the cast alloy wheels are pretty much indestructible and it has a 500Wh battery pack for very long range. Also fits a very wide range of riders and has high end components like hydraulic disc brakes making it a really good choice for fleet use or rentals.


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Hey guys, interesting to see the European specs page with different colors and also realize the difference in EU vs. US with the specs that Larry provided... Though I guess I could have figured since their regulations are different :)

Obviously I liked the bike and it was fun to review. I hardly noticed the extra weight and appreciated the durability of the wheels. I'm a pretty light weight guy so I don't often think about maximum weight limits but for heavier riders this thing might be one of the few choices available... Super easy to get on, smooth and powerful motor, pretty design.

At first I was surprised it didn't fold but as I came to realize the intended purpose (for use in fleets or maybe rentals) it made more sense. This thing is stiffer and tougher than any folding ebikes I've ridden ;)


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I agree with everything Court has said about this bike.

I rode this bike and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm a big fan of the software and display/control system of the Izips. I was looking for something to ride around town and also travel with (so the somewhat smaller frame was desirable.) Court put the weight of the bike at 62 pounds (more than I thought). It surprises me because it was really zippy and quite fun to ride. I'm a small guy so that made the bike even more suitable for me.

Ultimately, I went with the Neo Jet, perhaps looking for more of a "real bike" frame and ride. I also needed a good rack to carry things on and wasn't sure the Twn:Exp would work for me.

Anyway, this bike did make my short list and deserves a good look.