Chris Nolte

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Ever since I have first seen a Riese & Müller bike I was intrigued by their revolutionary designs and after I started working with them I learned about how these radical ideas came about.

This video try's to explain Riese & Müller's Why and takes a deeper look into what drives them. It makes me feel good to ride their bikes knowing the spirit behind the product and the amazing people that make their bikes possible.

I hope you enjoy!


Chris Nolte

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Drive is a good word to use. These guys (and gals) are clearly driven. 26 years and going strong. I see why.
With gratitude,
I noticed that also when I first met them and I am excited to be able to tell their story. It’s cool to get a perspective on what they’re about.


I like seeing companies that are focused on more than the bottom line. It is unfortunate that so many small companies start out like this and eventually get gobbled up by larger companies with a primary focus on profits.

I enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting. I'm also really enjoying my first ebike which happens to be a R&M.