What ever happened to ebikes powered by hydrogen fuel cells?


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Two to three years ago, articles concerning fuel cell powered ebikes were in the news for a while. Then the whole subject disappeared. Now another manufacturer is making the attempt to stir this pot again. Eurobike was to be the unveiling of the "Vorradle S3 FC" see this:

The claim of a 300 mile range is interesting. But where can you buy hydrogen canisters? Liquid propane canisters are available everywhere. Why not an LP powered fuel cell instead?


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I would be interested perhaps if the fuel cell rechrged the battery or if it was a functional pedal assist. Other than that it's a moped or a motorcycle to me.

Ravi Kempaiah

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Looks like a BionX or Go Swiss motor with a belt drive.
Electrolyte makes some great bikes (PAS) and it would be interesting to know how they would control/pause the H2-H2O conversion reaction in such a small chamber.