What is a good fat Tire Folding ebike for 6ft height in Canada?


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Hello there guys;
I am lookjng for winter commuter ebike; my job is 6km from home and my wife can drop me in the mornning and I can ride back from work.
We have Kia Optima sedan and I am looking for folding bkke for easy transport during winter montgs.

My only grip is small frame size and I am 6ft tall and not able to test this folding ebikes.

From your experience what are good commuter for winter and able to fit into sedan?

rich c

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What kind of rider to you intend to be? Low PAS and full pedaling, or throttle only? I know there is something in between. If you plan to pedal a lot, get something with plenty of adjustability in the seat post. So many of those little 20" folders are horrible for leg extension and powerful pedaling. I'd also recommend no fat tires. In Central IL the only times fat tires are nice in the winter is either when it's dry, or in powder snow. ALL the rest of the time fat tires are horrible. Really bad on ice (broken collarbone for me 2 years ago on black ice). Frozen tire tracks from traditional bikes are almost impossible to ride on as the fat tires try to hunt in those smaller tracks. Frozen human tracks is the roughest ride you'll ever experience. Get something with 2.4" wide tires with metal studs. I guess you get ice, saying Canada leaves weather conditions wide open. I ride for recreation, but appreciate the idea of choosing my days to ride in the winter. According to all the questions on eBike forums about winter commuting, you guys must really be tough. To ride when the sun goes down in frigid temps takes a ton of good/expensive riding gear. Frostbite becomes a real possibility riding below freezing. They riding in the twilight or dark with goggles that may be fogging up makes it really dangerous. Then there is the issue of low inventory and delayed shipping. You may not have a choice if you need this really soon. Good luck to you.


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Now I am a newbie. But the person I bought my Himiway from had purchased two. One for him and his wife. They were too big for them to transport, so sold them both and purchased 2 RAD mini folding bikes. He is a big guy and probably close to 6 ft. The bikes looked to be a good size and fit for him. I should have taken a picture, but it didn’t seem appropriate. Good luck!


Biktrix Kutty
Biktrix is a Canadian company based in Saskatchewan. You will get your bike more quickly than from other sellers, and Biktrix is generally well reviewed on this site.

Art Deco

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Check the Voltbike mariner. It's big and heavy even when folded, but can handle a 6 footer, and Canadian.